As the school year begins and students decide to join PRSSA, there is no better time to get blog posts rolling. We decided to start this year off with a series titled: Why I Joined. It’s a look into the E-boards reasoning for joining PRSSA and why we think you should join too. As website director, I am kicking things off and if I can’t persuade you to join, I hope our other E-board members can.

Why did you join PRSSA?

My first introduction into PRSSA was the Living Legends event last fall semester. As a freshman, I was attempting to attend as many events and networking opportunities as possible. I wanted to meet new people and see what AU had to offer in terms of clubs. After getting the chance to hear AU alumni discuss what they learned during their time at AU and how they ended up getting the jobs they currently have I was inspired. I was inspired not only to network with a couple of the panelists once the event was over but also to join PRSSA.

Why do you think others should join?

If you’re a freshman, a transfer student or someone looking for a new student organization to get involved in then PRSSA could be the perfect place for you. You’ll be with a group of motivated students, you’ll have amazing networking opportunities and most importantly you’ll have fun. With the different events, chapter meetings and site visits there is always something going on in this organization and you get to pick and choose which events most appeal to you. One of the things I love most about PRSSA is the fact that you don’t have to be a PR major to join, you don’t even need to have a major in SOC. If you decide to join you will have an amazing experience, no lies here.