Why did you join PRSSA?

I joined PRSSA because I wanted to get more involved and find a group of students that had similar professional and career-oriented goals to mine. I wanted to step up and be a leader and learn more about my major and how I could succeed in my field. It has really made a positive impact on my life and has given me organizational and leadership skills.  PRSSA has made me a leader and has given me skills and resources to succeed in the future and has provided me with a strong foundational field.

Why do you think others should join?

First off, PRSSA looks phenomenal to employers and on your resume. Being on E-Board is also a great incentive to join, and there are endless opportunities in PRSSA and so many ways to get the most out of it. The people that come to speak to our chapter are all opportunities to network and build your connections and network. Being a member does not require being a PR major, and all majors will benefit immensely. Join PRSSA, you won’t regret it, I promise!!