Why did you join PRSSA?
 Towards the end of my freshman year, I was torn between all of the great majors that SOC offers. I attended some PRSSA events and realized what the organization and the PRSC major have to offer. In particular, I remember an event that was moderated by one of my own professors and featured speakers from healthcare comms, sports comms, and internet marketing. I was so impressed that PRSSA recognized that there are so many directions that studying public relations can take you, and I felt so welcomed by the other members that I joined the organization in my next semester.
Why do you think others should join?
PRSSA not only offers networking events, it offers opportunities to practice networking. I like to think of my time in the organization as the best test-drive of the PR field that I can while in college. It’s also incredibly valuable to be a member of a national organization—I can’t stress the amount of times I’ve made connections and mentors who were once in PRSSA or are active in PRSA. It’s a community that’s looking to guide young professionals in the communications field, and joining the AU chapter has been one of the most enriching experiences of my college career.