If you had asked me what PRSSA was two years ago, I would have said, “I have no idea”. When asked that question today, I am able and willing to go on a fifteen-minute rant about how much I love this organization. Since joining PRSSA, I have been exposed to countless opportunities from engaging with speakers and PR firms to attending and participating in National PRSSA initiatives. This is my story about why I joined AU’s PRSSA Chapter.

The second semester of my first year of college is when I declared my major in PR. Declaring my major in this area of study was done somewhat on a whim. Back then, I had only taken one communication course and was still figuring out what PR even entailed. But I had a feeling this was a topic I would enjoy learning about and could potentially develop a career out of. The worst-case scenario was that I wouldn’t like the subject as much and I’d change my major.

Within a week of declaring my major, I came across a poster that said, “I’m a PR major and I joined AU’s Public Relations Student Society of America”. Obviously, as a new PR student, this poster intrigued me. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the poster that included the organization’s interest meetings. Later that week I attended one of the meetings.

The interest meeting blew my mind. I mean, honestly, I stayed the entire time not to mention I spoke with each Eboard member after the meeting had finished. Everything that was said, stuck with me. You could tell that the Eboard members were passionate about PRSSA and that they truly wanted other students to get the most out of the organization. Within an hour of learning what PRSSA was, I became determined that I needed to become a member. Regardless of where I was going to end up in life, I knew the connections and experience I would attain from PRSSA would help me in my professional endeavors down the line.

Fast-forward two years and I am now the President of AU’s PRSSA Chapter. I cannot even begin to explain how much I have gained from being apart of this amazing organization. I’ve developed both personally and professionally. I’ve learned more about the PR field than any of my classes have yet to teach me thus far. Part of this has been gained through attending National Conference, National Assembly as well as site visits with our Chapter. The people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve been able to take advantage of have truly propelled me into my early career.

One of the great things about PRSSA is the group is open, helpful, and insightful, no matter how much or how little experience you have. We are all PR nerds coming together to help one another reach our goals. PRSSA has changed my life in countless ways and I can only hope that it will change everyone else’s life in similar measures.