Why did you join PRSSA?
PRSSA is a great opportunity for everyone. I joined PRSSA for the networking experience and the internship possibilities. I joined my sophomore year and instantly found my place on AU’s campus. Not only did I experience these networking events, I developed close connections with my fellow members and professionals. I made a family within PRSSA. I delved into what I thought I wanted to do and joined the student-run PR firm, Eagle Communications. Here, I gained more insight than I ever could have imagined and developed close relationships.

Why do you think others should join?
For the same reasons I did- to have a great professional experience with a group of friends who have similar interests to you. To be able to extend your resume with an extremely respected society. To be able to gain networking skills. To find your niche within AU. To have access to amazing speakers and have those connections forever. You should join PRSSA for the irreplaceable experience.