Why did you join PRSSA?

I am an ambitious person. I came to AU because I knew there were countless internships in the city I could have access to, but choosing a DC university only gives me the advantage of location. I chose PRSSA because it gives me the advantage of people. By connecting me to a network of both young and experienced professionals, it gives me an edge on the job market. While my resume is bolstered by just saying that I’m a member, I see the true value of our organization in our contacts and networking opportunities we can provide you with.

Why do you think others should join?

While you can take advantage of our network by seeing it as potential job and internship opportunities, our members in the chapter are great to connect with as well, both on a professional and social level. A culture is defined as a group who have shared interests or experiences, and our chapter has been able to develop that for ourselves.  We are all on the advent of the digital age and have a vested interest in the future of our practice. Meanwhile, we are also students, curious to learn more and eager to discover what PR looks like across different industries. While I hate to perpetuate the myth that the common PR professional has a stereotype, the members in our chapter have grown around each other’s similarities and made friendships because of it.