On December 5th I, along with fellow PRSSA members visited the largest PR firm in the world: Edelman. Edelman was founded in 1952 by Daniel Edelman who created this company to be the leading global communications marketing firm. This was the very first site visit I’ve been on with PRSSA, and just from doing research and talking to current American University alumni who work there (Campbell O’Connor, Sarah Albanesi, Charlie Taffet) I would say getting an internship is a must with this company in the world of Public Relations. Here are some things I learned about Edelman while on the site visit:

  1. Their purpose.

    – The purpose of Edelman, as recruitment assistant for Edelman Adrianna Tomasello says, is that they work to help and protect brands, they are storytellers in the business, and they help sustain goodwill.

  1. They created environmental PR with StarKist Dolphin-Safe Tuna.

    – You remember the “sorry Charlie” commercial with the talking dolphin? Well, in 1991 Edelman worked with StarKist Dolphin-Safe Tuna to help protect the environment and create better alternatives for StarKist to brand their tuna.

  1. They were the first PR firm on the web.

    – With the creation of the World Wide Web in 1989, Edelman got itself onto the Internet just a few years later as the first PR firm on the web

  1. Great company values.

    – Their company values consist of a relentless pursuit of excellence, freedom to be constantly curious, and the courage to do the right thing.

  1. It started with three employees.

    – Since its founding in 1952, Edelman has grown to become a 5,850 person company with 67 locations.

  1. Helped initiate the Dove Campaign.

    – Remember the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty with women of different ages, body sizes, ethnicities, and race? Well, with this campaign Edelman sparked a global conversation about beauty and the perception of women in the media.

  2. Their goal.

    – The goal of Edelman can be described in three words: evolve, protect, and promote