By: Mary Elder

On Wednesday, November 11, PRSSA and the Social Media Club teamed up to bring us Hyper Network 2015 – How Networking is Changing.


The four panelists: Jessica Bell from RepEquity, Rachel Racoosin from Levick, Amanda Whiteman from Rocket Fuel Inc., and Shana Glickfield from Beekeeper Group gave their opinions on the best practices in networking while moderator and American Studies professor Stef Woods kept the conversation moving forward.


Twitter Takeaways

-It is okay for your twitter to be “propersonal” or have a mix of personal and professional content. However, a good rule of thumb is don’t be stupid.

-Use Twitter for networking purposes by keeping up with industry trends, staying informed and following people you meet at events.

-Twitter lists! Group the people you follow into different lists and use them to create conversations.


LinkedIn Best Practices

-Keep it updated. Feel free to keep tweaking your job descriptions. Also, put relevant classes and materials on your LinkedIn Profile.

-LinkedIn is a great tool for finding job opportunities, get information for interviews, and get a pulse of the field.

-Make sure to create a vanity LinkedIn URL so you are easier to find.


Other Tips and Tricks

-When working a room for a networking event, have no shame! Just go up and talk to strangers. If that is hard for you, look at the guest list and tweet at people. This acts as a fun ice breaker during the event.

-If you are going to create an online portfolio, make sure you commit to it. You need to constantly be updating it with your most recent job opportunities and written work.

-Business cards are still in despite the digital age in which we live. They are great because they have more detail than online and act as a back channel for connecting with people.

-When preparing for a job interview, make sure you read every page of their website and you know the company inside and out. Check out the blog for the some interesting talking points.

-Go into a job interview knowing what you can bring to the company. Employers want to know what you have to offer. Be creative!