The November 1st chapter meeting featured two fantastic guest speakers who spoke about Communication for Social Change. The first speaker was Lucca Vaselli, who began working as a digital content assistant for GMMB a month ago. GMMB is responsible for advocating for political campaigns. Some of their most recent work was on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

As a recent graduate, Vaselli was able to bring relevant wisdom to college students. He explained the importance of being able to tell employers what you do and don’t know how to do and to be willing to try anything you may be assigned. He also explained the importance of having passion for what you do. With his extensive background knowledge in photography, videography, and music creation, Vaselli was marketable to his employers. In the upcoming year, Vaselli hopes to obtain a digital strategist position with GMMB.

The second speaker of the night was Heather Janik, director of thought leadership and media relations for the non-profit organization Feeding America. Throughout her career, Janik has done extensive work as a press secretary and has worked for political figures such as Michael Bloomberg. During her talk, Janik gave great detail about an article that she spent about six months working on for the New York Times, in which she witnessed many homeless people in the streets of Manhattan living in the cold. It took a long time to crunch numbers and make sure all the facts were correct in creating her story with the reporter she worked with. While explaining her experience, she implored audience members to get outside of the Northwest D.C. bubble, because she has had to do this on many occasions throughout her career.

Janik’s career experiences are a true testament to what she called “the importance of being able to tell your story,” especially when it comes to communication for social change. She explained the importance of making it known why people should want to donate to your non-profit, which directly correlates with how you tell your non-profit’s story.

In all, both Vaselli and Janik presented insightful points of view on how to effectively communicate for social change.