By Hannah Ross


As we transition to a new EBoard for the upcoming semester, the outgoing EBoard wanted to reflect on their final thoughts from the year. Here’s what Rosalie had to say.

  1. How did you first join PRSSA?
    At the SOC Involvement Fair my freshman year, I saw the PRSSA table and met some members. I wanted to join for the networking opportunities and the chance to build and advance my career skills. I was really interested in joining an organization that focuses primarily on professional skill-building and networking.

  2. What made you want to run for EBoard?
    I really wanted to run for Membership Services Director because I saw a lot of potential for the chapter when I was a member and I thought I could make a positive difference. The EBoard the previous semester was so strong and utilized so many different skill sets to create a successful chapter so I wanted to be part of that and help in any way I could.

  3. Describe some of the responsibilities you had as membership director.
    My responsibilities included recruiting new members, checking in with other members, managing alumni relations, and maintaining a good relationship between the EBoard, the chapter, and the AU community as a whole.

  4. What were some of the bigger challenges of the position? What was challenging about coming in for the second half of the year?
    Some of the biggest challenges were keeping track of all of the members information and maintaining good relations with every single new and returning member.
    It was also challenging to come in during the second semester because the EBoard had already found a way to function. I’ll admit that it was a difficult having a seamless transition with such a short time to prepare but each EBoard member supported me in a different way to help me succeed at my position.

  5. What was your favorite thing about being membership director and what was the most rewarding?
    The most rewarding aspect of my position was making new connections and meeting new people on campus. If it weren’t for having to recruit so many freshman and sophomores and help them with the membership logistics, I would have never met them.It was really rewarding having that final list of new members knowing that I helped recruit them to join our chapter.

  6. How did you make sure to be a voice for the members and also a representative of the leadership team?
    I definitely tried to talk to as many new members to get an idea of what their view of PRSSA was before and after joining. By talking to so many different people, it gave me a better idea of what our EBoard could continue doing what worked but also improvements to evolve as an organization in the areas that needed change.

  7. What type of skills did you build from having this position?
    Since my position was based on managing logistics for the chapter, I gained both leadership and organizational skills. I also learned more interpersonal and professional skills through working with the EBoard and having to collaborate with many types of people.

  8. How did you balance this position with your other commitments?
    It was helpful to prepare myself at the beginning of each week for the tasks ahead of me. I delegated tasks to other people and tried to be as available to others as possible.

  9. What is your favorite PRSSA memory?
    My favorite PRSSA memory was at our first chapter meeting when I finally got to put all the names to faces. After about two weeks of recruiting people through classroom visits and the involvement fair, it was so great to actually see the new and returning members  fill the seats at our chapter meeting. It was an amazing feeling to know that I helped bring them there.

  10. What advice do you have for the next person who will take on your position?
    My advice for the next Membership Services Director would be to prepare yourself and give yourself a timeline of when you hope to complete your goals so you can achieve them effectively and efficiently. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’ll always be here to help!