By Hannah Ross


The school year is officially over but we have just a few more things in store for you on the blog. As we conclude our 2016-2017 year at AU PRSSA, each EBoard member wanted to reflect on their time leading the chapter and the projects they got to take on. I interviewed the other eight members. 10 questions each. I wanted to know why they joined PRSSA, why they wanted to step up and be on EBoard, what was hard, what was fun, how they managed it all, what they learned and what advice they want to leave for their successors.

I was amazed by everyone’s answers. Doing these interviews reminded me how hard everyone worked, how much pride each person takes in their position and what they got to accomplish. I also learned how much people love using to-do lists. It was amazing to see how almost every person mentioned someone else on EBoard or a PRSSA member who helped them.

For the next eight weeks, you will read insights from everyone on the outgoing EBoard. You’ll see how Kabira kept our chapter relevant through social media, how Cordelia managed the difficult funding process, how Brittny ran the all-student firm, how Rosalie communicated with members, how Lauren planned amazing events, how Channing helped build an inclusive organization, how Emma co-led the chapter, and how Melanie oversaw it all.

Since I couldn’t exactly interview myself, I’ll reflect on some of my own takeaways from the year. It was amazing to oversee the publishing of 71 blog posts during my time as director, 18 of which I wrote. I also got to see the amazing creative and professional writing skills of PRSSA members, who wrote about everything from awards shows and sports to political communication, and so much more. And we even got some guest posts and interviews from alumni and speakers.

I also got to launch a jobs and internships board for members. Maintaining and updating the jobs board could definitely be a challenge. As was keeping the blog up to date and managing writers, ideas, and deadlines. But it was really exciting and rewarding to be responsible for something so many members came to see as a valuable career resource. And every time I look at the blog, and see all of the amazing stories and lessons people shared, I feel proud.

Beyond the website, this was such a fun year. We got to go to Indianapolis and meet PRSSA members from around the country. I got to meet with other website directors and learn about the challenges they were facing, and the cool initiatives they were taking on. Back at AU, we brought PR rockstars to campus who once went to AU for Living Legends at the beginning of the year. We also brought back past AU PRSSA presidents, we brought in PR professionals in all different areas, and we brought in career experts. We did community service and social events too.

I am so proud of our chapter and also our amazing writers, who were always willing to write about meetings, timely events and professional interests. I am also so proud of Carol, the upcoming Website Director who blew me away with her election speech when she talked about the plans and ideas she has for the website. I can’t wait to see where she takes the website, blog, and jobs board.

So I hope you enjoy reading about every EBoard members last thoughts and reflections on their work. And get excited for the upcoming year, which will bring many more exciting events, projects, networking opportunities, and blog posts!