On day one of the conference, I have to admit, I was so tired when I got off of the plane! Despite that, I was thrilled to be at conference and I couldn’t wait to see what advice these two schools could give us to improve our chapter.

I met so many amazing people at this year’s conference, as well as learned so many valuable tools and tips that I know that I will be using to improve my leadership and networking skills, as well as how I plan my events.

The first part of this session was led by Universidad de San Martin de Porres, a university all the way from Peru!! This university’s spirit and passion for PRSSA and their dedication to come all the way to the conference in Boston was uplifting and inspiring, and almost instantly revitalized my fatigue from my plane ride. They led a discussion about social media platforms and the changing dynamics of digital media, and how to properly plan and monitor our media to ensure that we maximize the efficiency of our chapter’s social media. They discussed how to improve our social media platforms. The most valuable information that I got out of this part of the session was the idea of monitoring and planning our different platforms of social media. After each slide, we were asked a question about our chapter’s social media platforms, and we had to discuss with the other chapters around us. I thought that this was very helpful because it gave the opportunity to meet other chapters, as well as gain tips from them.

After this session, I realized the social media platforms that our chapter needs to work on and the platforms that are very strong. I thought the idea of making our Instagram stronger was very important, and posting things like graphics that contain themes, as well as career advice, were great ideas. This session also incorporated the tool of delegating the social media platforms, for example, one person would determine when we need to post something, and another member would strategically post it. This session opened up my eyes to the fact that social media is ever-changing and dynamic, and in order to be successful, we must try our best to monitor it and keep up with it.

This Chapter development session will really allow our chapter to expand upon our social media as well as improve on all of our social media platforms. The second part of this session was led by Waynesburg University, and it was all about events as well as the concept of PR week. I thought this was the most helpful out of all of the chapter development sessions, as well as most helpful and relevant to my position as events director in particular.

This school gave such great advice and tips for planning a truly revolutionary event. The first piece of advice they gave was to invite alumni and professionals, and to really utilize our connections to enhance the event and bring amazing speakers, and professionals in general to attend the event. It was seriously stressed that PRSSA events should be intended to enhance our education, broaden our networks and launch a career.

The purpose of this session was to introduce the idea of PR week. This is a week that would be dedicated to a different event and speaker each day to promote the success of the chapter as well as PRSSA in general. It would be a time that is focused on networking, chapter growth, mentors, and alumni. Waynesburg University gave some great tips on how to put our own spin on PR week. Their tips were: to have a planning committee, a PRSSA sponsor chapter, meticulous planning, a program booklet, and backup speakers. I left this session inspired to plan our own chapters PR week. These successful PRSSA chapters made me excited to utilize some of the skills and advice I’ve gained from conference to expand and improve my own PRSSA chapter. See you in Texas!!