By: Libby Parker; Photo Credit: Bobbie Semple

Kicking off the semester, PR Pathways provided PRSSA members with insight into navigating our first steps of our careers. I was so excited to see a panel of PR professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, sharing their keys to finding their place in the world of communications. The panelists were not only knowledgeable, but very approachable, inspiring young professionals to realistically see themselves in their shoes later down the road.

Diane Johnson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Providence Hospital, let us into the world of public health, reminding us the importance of networking and the value of mentors. Her background in public health sets an important foundation for her to properly communicate in-house and beyond.

President of C. Fox Communications, Carrie Fox, created her PR firm at the age of 25, working with clients who are investing in social action and change. As a young, eager professional, Cox broke the mold, making her a true inspiration for young women motivated to get into the industry. Fox encouraged the audience to take on opportunities, before you think you’re ready, and then prove yourself as a valuable player.

Vice President of The Herald Group, Demetrios Karoutsos channeled his passion for politics into the world of communications, and has worked on projects that span the globe. Karoutsos reassured the audience that it is more than okay to feel unsure of your future, and to continue to be open to opportunities that feed your interests.

I would say that the most important takeaway was a powerful quote that Fox shared with us, “make your career 90% who you are, and 10% what you do.” This was truly a wonderful evening full of valuable networking, invaluable advice, and delicious Georgetown Cupcakes.