PRSA and Burning Bridges: How to Kickstart your Career

By: Elizabeth Frenaye

PRSA New Professionals, Gemrick Curtom, Hanna Porterfield, Robyn Rudish-Laning and Mia Simon spoke to 2018 PRSSA National Conference, targeting college seniors to start developing their own careers. Here are just a few tips from the wonderful panel.

  • PRSA makes you stand out.

If you are looking to land your first job, PRSA is a great network to have.  Use your alumni network- which is huge thanks to PRSSA. Since we are all in PR, we know how important networking is, so keep up to date with those connections. Invest in the person, not just the connection and potential employer.

  • Do NOT burn any bridges.

In regards to getting any job, but especially turning your internship into a job, burn no bridges. Make yourself an expert at everything you already do, and then find ways to strengthen that. Always remember- PR pros talk. They always will. Make sure people know about you, and have good things to say.

  • Don’t overlook people at your own level.

Everyone wants to connect with the top or senior-most employees, but sometimes it is people on your level who can help you the most. Working on, and maintaining relationships is key in starting a career. Your network is your net-worth.

  • Be adaptable.

It is a cliché in the PR world, but no two days are the same. You must be adaptable, in both your people and your writing skills. Know how to communicate in different mediums as well as with different people.

  • Take the glass of water.

Most people, myself included, feel awkward accepting the water or coffee always offered to us at an interview. If you take it, you can use it as a prop. Use it to drink and think about the answer to your question. Be honest and be yourself. Prepare and do due diligence. Think strategically and remain calm.