By Meghan Ott


Now that you have hopefully settled into your classes I imagine you may be looking for a little break in your routine. Here are some fun events I suggest you check out in between studying and writing papers.


  1. A Night of Reflection for Cancer Caregivers

Host: Cousins for Carol and AU

When/Where: October 11 @6:30pm in McKinley Innovations Lab

Why you should go: As you may know, it is breast cancer awareness month. If you know someone close to you who has battled cancer, this could be a great opportunity for you to meet other people who have also had to witness a loved one in pain. This is a safe space where you either engage in discourse or remember a loved one in silence.


  1. Tony Goldwyn

Host: KPU

When/Where: October 22 @7pm in Bender Arena

Don’t you want to impress your parents when they come for All American Weekend? You will probably wear out your parents this weekend with museum trips and excessive meals out, so treat them to a night with Scandal star Tony Goldwyn. Even if your parents aren’t here, why wouldn’t you want to go see Tony Goldwyn?


  1. Sister Sister AU Summit

Host: Sister Sister AU

When/Where: October 29 @10am in MGC

Why you should go: This is the first Sister Sister Summity at AU, and is a great opportunity to engage in a forum of discussion about African-diaspora. This event will host professors, alumni, and professional in the DMV area to start conversations surrounding sisterhood and racial issues.


  1. Coming Out Monologues

Host: AU Center for Diversity and Inclusion

When/Where: October 11 @ 8pm in the Perch

Why you should go: Come show your support or share your story. This is a touching tradition at AU that creates a community of love and support among students. What better way is there to celebrate National Coming Out Day?


  1. Scary Stories from around the world

Host: SIS undergrad council

When/Where: October 25 @7pm in TBD

Why you should go: Are you bored of American ghost stories? Have you heard them all? Well, have no fear, there are plenty more from all around the world that I am sure you haven’t heard. Check out this event for free food and fun ghost stories.


Bonus: Night of the living zoo

When/Where: October 28 @6:30-10pm in Woodley Park Zoo

Why you should go: Night of the Living Zoo is a great night out if you are looking to dress up, eat good food, and maybe get a little scared this Halloween. Go have fun with friends, and indulge in some delicious food trucks.