By Meghan Ott


As the semester wraps up, make sure you are taking full advantage of all of the great events that our campus and city have to offer. Here are a few of my favorites that I can’t wait to check out!


1. Election Night Events

Hosts: Sixth and I Historic Synagogue, Busboys and Poets
When: night of November 8th
Why you should go: Today is the big day and you don’t wanna miss out on all the buzz. Watch the results roll in tonight at some of D.C’s most popular hangouts. Sixth and I will be airing coverage from CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. Busboys and Poets is also having various watch parties at all six of their locations. Find all their events here to pick the best one  for you.


2. Crisis Comm: How to Handle a Scandal


When/Where: December 1 @8:15pm in SIS Founders

Why you should go: Crisis communications is an exciting and fast paced profession. This simulation workshop will make you think creatively on your feet, and is great practice for any crisis you may face whether you are a PR professional or not. The sessions offer everything from how to get a job to the key to happiness. It will be worth trying to go to at least one of the four events.


3. How to Adult Week

Host: Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

When: November 14-17 (more info on the Facebook page)

Why you should go: This is a week-long event that will give you practical advice on succeeding after you get your degree. However, each event gives a different perspective on the term “adulting.”


4. Voices: Race and Identity in the Age of Trump

Host: Association of Black Journalists

When/Where: November 14 @8:30pm in MGC247

Why you should go: Even though Election Day will have already passed, the damage from this election cycle has already been done. It is important to discuss how this year in politics has affected our communities, and the so-called progress that this nation has made.


5. Intersectional Justice Training

Host: The Darkening and Fossil Free AU

When/Where: November 9 @8pm in MGC 315

Why you should go: It is so important that we understand how all of our different identities work together, and different social issues affect different communities. If you are unfamiliar with the concepts behind intersectionality, I suggest you go to this event with open ears. Injustice does not occur in a vacuum, it is dynamic and complex. Check out the Facebook page for more information.


6. Breaking the Cycle: Dating Violence in LGBTQ+ Relationships

Host: Queers and Allies, Women’s Initiative, Wellness Center, and SASV

When/Where: November 10 @6pm in Hughes Formal

Why you should go: This is another important discussion to have. Healthy relationships are so important, especially in college when we have so much else going on. Hopefully you will never have to use the information you gain in this workshop, but if you do it is best to have these discussions.

Bonus: Zoo lights

Host: National Zoo

When/Where: November 25-January 1 @5-9pm

Why you should go: It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This is one of my favorite DC traditions, and is the best beginning to finals week. Take a walk through the zoo in a way that you never have before. There are lights shows, light up animals, and more. Bundle up and grab your friends for a final night out on the town!