By Sammie and Katie McCormick

American University’s first PRSSA closed chapter meeting started off with every student’s biggest worry: interviews. Felicia Parks, career advisor for the School of Communications, coaches students through the dos and don’ts of interviewing. We were lucky enough to have her speak to us in the Mary Graydon Center this past Wednesday night. Felicia has a strong background in guiding individuals to success, with several credentials that include a BA in Public Relations and Journalism from Howard University. Felicia spoke with us on interviewing techniques, types of interview questions and salary negotiations. While using her real life good and bad experiences, she was able to prep us on how to overcome tricky interviewing situations.

Felicia’s humor and personality made her approachable and easy to ask questions to. We both left the meeting with several unique key takeaways, each very important to the interview process. Felicia mentioned a tactic that we had never thought of before: from the moment you wake up on the day of your interview, you are in “interview mood”. This helps you gain extra practice before your interview for when the real process happens. Felicia also introduced us to the differing questions one would see at an interview, like situational and behavioral questions and how to handle each one. A huge takeaway that Felicia mentioned was to practice answering these questions. While you might not get the exact question you rehearsed, practicing them will help gain confidence and also trigger words that will help you demonstrate your best self.

Furthermore, Felicia talked about not putting yourself down when you do not land the job or internship you wanted. Not getting a job is a part of life that we can use as a learning tool to grow. There are actually steps you should take when you do and even do not get the job. Such as a follow up email to the company or a thank you note.

This was definitely a meeting you did not want to miss. Although the interview process is scary, everyone has to do one in some point of their life. With Felicia’s expert skills, both of our nerves were settled when it comes to interviewing to land a job or internship.