By Hannah Ross


As we transition to a new EBoard for the upcoming semester, the outgoing EBoard wanted to reflect on their final thoughts from the year. Here’s what Lauren had to say.

  1. Why did you first join PRSSA?
    I first joined PRSSA to learn more about the PR industry from a student standpoint.

  2. What made you want to run for EBoard?
    I felt like I could do a good job at planning events.

  3. What were some of your responsibilities as events director?
    Some of my responsibilities included planning our first ever New York City site visit trip. I also planned panels and social events for the organization. I also helped plan speakers and catering for our monthly member meetings.

  4. What were some of the bigger challenges you faced? Was it challenging coming in during the second semester?
    I would say that was the biggest challenge I faced, coming in during second semester. I didn’t have a lot of time to prep for the position, and I just felt like Meghan (previous events director) did such a good job first semester, so it was kind of hard to do everything with no one to really ask for guidance from, since she was abroad. Our president leaving at that time also kind of threw us for a loop so I would say those two things were the hardest parts about coming in for the second semester.

  5. What was your favorite thing about being events director and what event was the most rewarding to pull off?
    I would say my favorite thing about being events director was being able to help the organization, not only with events but overall. And I would say the most rewarding thing of course was the New York trip, which was exciting for all the students, and that makes me happy.

  6. You were a grad student on an all-undergrad team. Was it challenging to work with students with less leadership and planning experience than you have?
    I wouldn’t say that was the challenging part. What could be challenging was when people had trouble keeping up with their commitments. But that had nothing to do with being an undergraduate. There were some undergrads on the team who went above and beyond, and even if they didn’t have leadership experience, they took initiative and made an effort to get that experience.

  7. What type of skills did you build from this position?
    My diplomacy skills. There were some times when I didn’t necessarily need to be the leader, so there were some cases where I needed to be diplomatic if I knew I wanted to say something, but it wouldn’t have necessarily been helpful to the organization, so I’d just hold back.

  8. How did you balance this position with your other commitments?
    Honestly, it could be pretty stressful and hard to balance everything. Especially having to plan the New York trip in the middle of my capstone and trying to be a grad student in an accelerated program while managing events logistics for PRSSA.
    I made 1,000 to-do lists. I have calendar on my phone. I have a paper calendar that I use. I have monthly monthly calendar sheets. And I have one at home on my wall. I’m crazy about keeping them organized and color coded so that I could balance all of the chapter meetings, EBoard meetings, events committee meetings, and budget deadlines. And on top of that all of my schoolwork.
    That made it easier, but also my EBoard members made it easier. Some were so helpful. They could see that I was swamped, and they would ask if I needed help. They would help me write my blogs, email people, and write stuff. So leaning on the EBoard members was also helpful. It was hard. But I’m happy that I did it and I wouldn’t change anything.

  9. What is your favorite PRSSA memory?
    I would say one of the most fun memories was the mannequin challenge. I thought it was cute. And it was fun. And relevant.

  10. What advice do you have for the next person taking on your position?
    Plan everything in advance. Write down all of your dates in advance. And stay organized.