By Hannah Ross


As we transition to a new EBoard for the upcoming semester, the outgoing EBoard wanted to reflect on their final thoughts from the year. Here’s what Kabira had to say.

  1. How did you first join PRSSA?
    I found out about it the second semester of my freshman year, actually through Facebook. I thought it looked interesting and I was looking for something to do professionally. So I checked it out and decided it was worth paying the dues but I wasn’t super involved right away when I joined.
  2. What made you want to run for EBoard?
    I had been looking for ways to buff up my resume, and at first I tried to be a TA. That didn’t work out, but then I got an email about the publicity position opening up. The position has a lot to do with my major and it was a great way to get more involved with PRSSA. So I decided to put myself out there, go for this opportunity and see what happens. It’s also way better than TAing.
  3. What were some of your responsibilities as publicity director?
    I was in charge of all of our social media sites, so Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I was also in charge of making the Facebook events for all of our closed chapter meetings, open chapter meetings and open events. I was in charge of adding and removing members in our Facebook group. I was in charge of sharing blogs. Most of my role was social media, and I did most of it through Facebook.
  4. What were some of the bigger challenges you faced?
    Keeping social media engagement up. That was really difficult on all of the platforms. I tried to be strategic about what photos to put on Instagram. Jenna (oncoming publicity director) helped by taking over the Twitter. Facebook was a little easier because we used it to share blog posts and PRSA issues and trends articles. But for me, engagement was definitely one of the toughest parts of the job.
  5. What was your favorite thing about being publicity director and what was the most rewarding?
    I learned a lot. One of my favorite things was getting to go to conference and getting to talk to so many people and get so many tips. I learned a lot about social media and how big of a deal it is. Now I feel like I know how to use it better and make cool taglines for an event and to get people’s attention. I learned how to know what audience I’m talking to and brand myself on social media. I just learned so much, and so many practical skills. So that was rewarding.
  6. How did you measure publicity success?
    I usually measured it by fans and followers. I also measured success by how many people approached me in person about something I shared on social media, like an event, and then show up to said event. So I measured it numerically through fans, but also through audience interest.
  7. What type of skills did you build from this position?
    Time management and responsibility. I started putting myself on a schedule. It didn’t always work but now I’ve really realized the importance of having your time scheduled out and knowing how to multitask when you have so many things going on. I learned that you can’t just wing it. If you know what you need to do, schedule it, time it, and plan ahead. And this is all really important for the field we want to go into anyway.
  8. How did you balance this position with your other commitments?
    Last semester, it wasn’t too difficult, but this semester I was in a show and I had 24 hours of rehearsal every week. It was kind of difficult to balance EBoard responsibilities with my job and rehearsals. Sometimes it was tough to keep up with posting when I was supposed to be posting. So I would be posting when I was in class, or posting off stage. It came down to finding the time to post things or making sure to schedule posts ahead of time.
  9. What is your favorite PRSSA memory?
    It’s between conference and AU Living Legends. AU Living Legends was that first event we did at the beginning of the semester, and everyone was just putting all of their energy and effort into it. I think it turned out to be a really great event. Our speakers were really great, and a lot of students who attended were really interested. And all of us kind of took a sigh of relief after it ended, like we did it! It was my favorite because it was my first big responsibility with PRSSA and I got to see what goes on behind the scenes at events. I realized that one of our unique advantages as an EBoard is that we work together like a machine, each doing our own part to bring an event together.
  10. What advice do you have for the next person taking on your position?
    Don’t be afraid to have fun with the position. Post a witty social media post, or make a funny graphic when you have extra time. It’s work, but just enjoy it. Play around on social media so you can find out what works and what doesn’t work. Take the skills you learn here to your next internship or your next job.
    Also, don’t be afraid to talk to Gemma (faculty advisor). Gemma is the greatest and she’ll always be willing to help you with whatever you need. And don’t be afraid to take initiative and put forth ideas, because you are in a leadership position and you get to suggest your ideas. The worst thing that can happen is that people won’t like it, and you can move on to the next one. Just don’t be afraid to speak up.