By Allie Erenbaum


The job search process is exhausting. You’re constantly researching companies, submitting applications, and emailing recruiters or other members of your professional network. Although it can sometimes feel like one-way communication, there are a few ways to ease the process. Attract recruiters and employers to you with these simple tips.

Let recruiters see your LinkedIn profile.  While LinkedIn offers several options for job seekers, an underrated feature lies under the “Jobs” tab. After clicking on “Preferences,” you can “let recruiters know you’re open” by switching the setting “on.” LinkedIn will then prompt you to enter details about the type of jobs you’re interested in and allow employers to find your page more easily.

Post your resume on Indeed. After making a profile on, users can opt to upload their resume. Similar to LinkedIn, recruiters can more easily access your profile and preferences before sending information directly to your email.

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Download the Tinder of job searching. Making a profile on apps like Jobr and Switch lets job seekers swipe right or left on openings posted by different employers. More and more recruiters are using these apps to find potential candidates and the platforms allow quick ways for companies to set up meetings with qualified candidates.

Secure several informational interviews. Informational interviews are a great way to network, learn about a specific company, and expand your opportunities. Even though the people you meet may not be recruiters themselves, making a positive impression can help you land a spot in the interview process down the road.