By Allie Erenbaum


In today’s digitally-driven world, employers and HR teams have increased agency when screening potential new hires. Maintaining a unified – and professional – online personal brand is crucial for job seekers looking to get noticed. Below are a few tips for students looking to amp up their digital footprint.


Write and share content on LinkedIn. Many people often overlook the social component of LinkedIn’s platform – similar to Facebook, users can write content to share to their professional network. Stay active by posting your own thoughts or sharing articles relevant to your career path. You can also post noteworthy professional updates about new internships or applicable class projects you’ve helped develop.


Get a professional headshot. Elevate all of your public social channels by securing a high-quality professional headshot. Avoid cropped group photos and think creatively about how you want to tell your narrative (i.e. if you’re looking for an in-house communication role at environmental organizations, consider taking your headshot outside against green scenery). You can also update your LinkedIn and Twitter cover photos to reflect something fun about yourself or future career.


Curate content on Twitter. Interested in tech, entrepreneurship, or creative advertising campaigns? Make Twitter your central hub for sharing articles that resonate with you. Tweeting your opinions on developments in the PR industry (among others) will show employers that you’re able to keep up with trends and passionate about the field. Don’t forget to retweet updates from AU’s PRRSA chapter!


Create a simple online portfolio. Website builders like Wix and Squarespace offer diverse templates for job seekers wanting central hub for providing information (outside of LinkedIn). Developing a streamlined, professional website can help recruiters get a quick snapshot of your goals and qualifications.


Integrate your channels. Make it easier for recruiters to find you by making all of your handles across accounts the same. Think of each way your accounts can co-exist; for example, your Twitter bio and Instagram description can be a shortened version of your LinkedIn summary. You can also put your Twitter handle in your summary with your email address. Adding your social media accounts on your portfolio website additionally generates integration and transparency.


These steps can help you stand out in the crowd when you’re looking for your dream internship or job. A cohesive and professional online presence shows employers that you are organized and digitally savvy. What do you do to elevate your online brand? Share your tips in the comments!