By Mary Elder


Like most years, I watched the Super Bowl. I find that there are two different types of people who watch the Super Bowl: those who watch for the football and those who watch for the commercials. I am the type of person who watches for the commercials, but there’s no shame in that, right? Here are my 5 favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl…

  1. 84 Lumber – I’d be lying if I said I didn’t frantically type 84 Lumber’s website address into Google when we were left with their cliff hanger commercial. Their commercial told an emotional story that, in only a few minutes, had me deeply invested in the woman and her daughter. All I have to say is 84 Lumber, I agree, “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”


    1. Hyundai – Hyundai’s commercial had me smiling from ear to ear. It amazing to see the reaction on the troop’s face when they were surrounded by 360-degree video of their family. They deserved to be happy and Hyundai made it happen.


  1. Ford – Ford’s commercial had me laughing, big time, especially at the cat. It was a cute commercial that focused on the positive power of overcoming. It was a simple message about their mobility as a company, but was portrayed in a fun, light-hearted manner.


  1. Budweiser – While this year’s commercial didn’t have horses or puppies in it, I think it was equally as good as previous years. I loved the story that their commercial told of owners Anheuser and Busch and the perseverance they had in coming to the United States.


  1. Coca-Cola – They always have great commercials and they didn’t fail this year. I loved how their commercial depicted so many different people and places. It truly was an inclusive commercial that showed the beauty in every single person shown.


It was refreshing to see that so many commercials this year focused on positivity. It was also refreshing to see many companies taking a stand for what they believed in. For me, this year’s commercials were some of the best yet.