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Eagle Communications is American University’s student-run public relations firm, dedicated to producing high quality work for clients and developing professional skills. Students in Eagle Communications build on the foundation of skills learned in the classroom by working with real clients from the university and the DC area, preparing them to enter the professional world of PR. We specialize in doing what we know best — providing a millennial perspective to inspire action and overcome challenges for our clients. Our skills range from event planning to social media to campaign review–all with the mission of helping clients reach their audience and reach their goals.





The mission of Eagle Communications is two-fold: providing experience and providing solutions. We aim to give each firm member relevant, hands-on public relations experience to prepare them for internships and jobs in the field beyond graduation. Firm work allows the members to use the skills from the classroom and create a professional portfolio of PR work.

As a firm, our mission is to provide creative solutions for our clients. Using a unique perspective as millennial college students, we can evaluate campaigns, identify opportunities and provide creative solutions to effectively reach audiences.

Want to get involved in Eagle Communications? Email eaglecommunications@auprssa.org!

Firm Director

 Harrison Allen is one of Eagle Communication’s Firm Directors.  As a junior at American University, Harrison majors in Public Relations & Strategic Communication with a minor in the Spanish Language.  He is a die-hard dog enthusiast who is often seen photographing the canines of Washington, D.C.  Harrison believes the key to a successful life is a morning jog and an early bedtime.  Harrison’s favorite film is Indiana Jones: Raider of the Lost Ark – not just because his parents decided to name him after Harrison Ford.  Above all, Harrison enjoys spending time with his friends and family and is always excited to get to know new people.  He is excited to be part of the Executive Board this semester and help to grow and develop AU PRSSA’s student-run firm.  

Alex Downing is a co-Director of Eagle Communications, American University’s student-run firm. He is a senior with a major in Public Relations and Strategic Communications and a minor in Marketing. Alex grew up just outside Pittsburgh and is a huge sports fan, frequently attending Pirates, Penguins and Steelers games as well as Nationals games while in D.C. Along with PRSSA, Alex is involved with the AU Pep Band where he plays the saxophone at volleyball and basketball games throughout the year. He is excited to lead Eagle Comm alongside Harrison Allen this semester and is open to any questions at eaglecommunications@auprssa.org!

2017-2018 Clients

Project Petals is a community development, educational enrichment and revitalization organization. Their aim is to improve and restore communities.

Project Petals is working to solve community development and detrimental environmental conditions in under-served communities. The purpose of Project Petals is to alleviate the socio-economic divide and bring awareness to environmental and urban degradation issues that stunt development. The purpose is to provide and help people to access resources that will help them prosper in their environment and foster leadership. Project Petals acts as an advocate, and pushes for progressive changes, by creating educational programs, sustainability and service incubators.



 Gillie Haynes is Eagle Comm’s newest client.  As an entrepreneur, writer, professor, and speaker, she owns a small business where she teaches corporations, non-profits, and students effective public speaking and communication.  Professor Haynes partnered with Eagle Comm to support her small business, Simply Speaking.  As a new client, our team has built social media pages and content and events calendars from the ground up.  Eagle Comm helps Professor Haynes with business development efforts by researching networking opportunities and potential new clients.