What is the most important lesson you learned while working for Anna Wintour?

The most important lesson I learned at Vogue was to have a distinct point of view; this makes you stand out and informs your decision-making. Also, you’re only on time if you’re 10 minutes early!

If you weren’t working in PR what field would you be working in?

International development

How did your time at American impact your current career?

American provided a diverse network of colleagues and professors who encouraged me to think globally and live out our education through real-world internships and study abroad opportunities. I wouldn’t be in the field I am now had I not taken my first internship at the Embassy of Iraq as a media affairs intern; I thank the Career Services Center helping me land that first opportunity the summer after my sophomore year.

What made you change directions in jobs and start working at SoFi?

I wanted to learn a new industry and set of communications skills. I’ve always been interested in tech, and SoFi offered an opportunity to take a well-built startup into a major financial services company unlike any other out there that truly caters to millennials. Student loan debt is a serious burden coming out of school and I wanted to be a part of a mission to help relieve that stress among young ambitious professionals. I’d also worked in magazines my entire career thus far and wanted a new challenge.

What advice do you have for students who aspire to be in the PR field?

Build your network, and be a news junkie. Get on Twitter.

What clubs and organizations were you involved in during your time at American?

Students for a Free Tibet. I studied abroad in Dharmsala, India and became very passionate about the Tibetan people and their need to have their voices heard.