By Madden McDonagh


This post is part of the Conference Series, where 2016 PRSSA National Conference attendees from AU PRSSA reflect on the lessons they learned from the conference’s events and panels. Click here for more conference blogs.


The fashion industry’s mysterious and elite presence is attractive to a lot of students studying PR– that was very clear at the Work It: Fashion PR panel at  #PRSSANC in Indianapolis. Attendees were charmed by speaker Leslie Bailey, the current lifestyle editor for Indianapolis Monthly.

Bailey started her career as a correspondent for a local news station, and then transitioned to freelance writing. Her tips about freelance work were an added bonus to the talk, and something I wasn’t expecting when I first walked into the panel. To the delight of the PR students, her best advice for freelancing is networking all of the time! Bailey emphasized that her previous work relationships had made her freelancing efforts more successful than those starting with no experience.

Now a journalist for Indianapolis Monthly, she related her current position to some of the qualities of the PR industry. She explained how her personal public relations management is important to her job— it’s all about networking and connections made throughout one’s career.  

Bailey stressed two points of advice for the PR industry:

  1. Things go wrong, remain calm.
  2. Don’t talk poorly about any client, no matter what.

Although this panel didn’t dive into many specifics about the industry, she shared valuable insights on the equally exciting world of freelance communications work. Students attending surely left the talk with some great advice.