By Libby Parker


This post is part of the Conference Series, where 2016 PRSSA National Conference attendees from AU PRSSA reflect on the lessons they learned from the conference’s events and panels. Click here for more conference blogs.


In a session called Once Upon A Time: A Guide to Story Telling, PR gurus Sabrina List (VP Marketing & Communication, 500 Festival), and Lindsey Groepper (President, BLASTmedia) break down the unique communications approach of storytelling. In the creation of content, storytelling is a valuable and necessary skill. From the perspective of the audience, creating a good story makes consuming information much more powerful and personal. Uncovering stories involves identifying the news, then presenting it in a way so that the audience identifies with the characters and the message. Then, identifying the appropriate medium, from creating a dynamic video or a strategic social media plan. As communicators, we must understand that a Press Release does not equal PR. The value of storytelling is what attracted me to public relations. PR professionals are often presented as spin doctors, but in actuality we find creative ways to communicate our messages so that audiences can better connect with the organization or entity we represent.