During National Conference, there were numerous sessions I wanted to attend. One that caught my eye from the first time I read it on the program was Celebrity Focused Public Relations with Rita Tateel. Being a Journalism major and a Business & Entertainment minor I know working with celebrities is going to be a part of my future career and was curious to hear the advice Rita would share. She started off the session by having everyone who had worked with celebrities raise their hand, afterward, she said, “keep your hand up if the experience was pleasant.” After that most of the hands went down, and Rita explained that this often happens when she asks professionals the same question. She then delved into why working with celebrities is not always good and how we can make can make it pleasant once we begin to work in the industry.

Rita had three tips for us:

1. Make sure they have all the information they need.

Whether a celebrity needs to attend an event, cover shoot or award show they want to know what to expect. They need to know the run of the show, how they should be dressed and the details of the event itself. This way they are not thrown off guard or embarrassed. Making sure the celebrity is well-informed helps make everything run smoothly.

2. Family & children are their most important priority.

Celebrities are just like everyone else. They have families and responsibilities and because of this, they may have to leave an event or drop an appearance because of a family emergency. As the one working with a celebrity you should not be annoyed by this but instead sympathetic to their situation.

3.  Time is their most valuable commodity

What you never want to do when working with a celebrity is waste their time. Make sure the event/photoshoot etc. begins and ends on time. That way there is no waiting around and no problems will arise.

In my opinion, these tips work for any profession and in any field. After Rita’s session, I was not swayed from working with celebrities but instead felt prepared for situations I may have to face in the future.